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Frequently asked questions.

What computers will CNC-SETUP run on?

CNC-SETUP is a Microsoft Windows desktop application. It will run on any version above Windows 7

How does the licence work?

CNC-SETUP is an old fashioned windows desktop application, in that once you have paid for it, that's it.
There are no subscription charges and no maintenance fees.
Your Data is stored locally on your computer too so you are in control.
You do need a licence for each computer that you wish to run CNC-SETUP on though. So if you want to run the application on a network you will need a licence for each computer.

We also take the attitude that any data you collect is yours. So even if you choose not to purchase a licence you will still have access to your data even after the trial expires. However, you won't be able to add new data.

What are the hardware requirements?

We recognise that many of the computers on the shop floor can be of modest specification and CNC-SETUP is designed with this in mind.
If you intend to run CNC-SETUP in network mode we'd recommend that the computer that is to host the database is intel i3 with 4Gb ram.

Will CNC-SETUP run on a network?

CNC-SETUP can be set up to run on a windows workgroup type network. This enables you to point each individual computer to a centralised database file. Please see the help files for more details.

Version history

Current version:

Text formatting functionality, Bold, Italic, Underline + Font colour

Application loads faster.

Previous version:

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows versions:

7, 8, 8.1, 10

CNC-SETUP will not run on Windows 95, 98, ME, XP or Vista.


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