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Take control of shopfloor data

CNC-SETUP is a windows desktop application for controlling CNC setup data, works instruction, soft jaws, fixtures and procedures.

It is designed to be used by not only programmers and works managers who initiate the jobs but also by your staff on the shop floor responsible for setting and operating your CNC’s.

It is particularly useful in sub-contract machine shops that have many repeating jobs where the instructions can be refined each time the job goes through your shop.

It doesn’t matter if the components only come through the shop every few months, or even years, the data to enable quicker setups will be instantly available.

Use CNC-SETUP for holding any data that you want to be widely available throughout the factory. Maintenance instructions, snippets of G code, recommended tip grades for various materials. Assembly and testing procedures for manufactured products. Attach photos and other supporting documents.

In short, ensure company knowledge is disseminated throughout the factory in an easily retrieved fashion and not fragmented in notebooks, individual knowledge and documents scattered around the computer file sytem.

cnc setup
Use CNC-SETUP for:

CNC Setup sheets/Works orders.

Data can be collected on all aspects of particular jobs.
Record tooling used, type and grade of tips, special instructions, for instance on setting castings up, what to watch out for, what problems have been experienced in the past, why the job has been programmed as it is.
Anything that may be confusing to someone new to the job.
Setup sheets can easily be printed giving all the information in paper form so that notes can be taken as your technicians set the jobs up.

Soft Jaws & Fixtures.

Organize soft jaws and fixtures on the shop floor in a way that they are easily found for repeat jobs. Record what job they are for, what chuck pressure should be used and what diameter they are cut to grip. Record their identity on CNC-SETUP so you no longer have to waste time looking for and/or machining new sets up when there is already a set available.

Inspection notes.

Any past problems. Any customer complaints or non-conformities registered. Anything to ensure that past mistakes are not repeated.

ISO 9001:2015

All of the above points can help an organization address clause 7.1.6 'Organizational knowledge' of the new ISO standard. It deals with the preservation of knowledge within the organization and how it is disseminated. This clause aims to deal with the risks of company knowledge being lost with the loss of an employee for instance.
CNC-SETUP helps to mitigate these risks by documenting the skills and experience of your staff and making it easily available throughout your organization.

What's new?

.jpg, .tif, .bmp, .png

Documents; .pdf, .rtf, .txt
Even video.

Support for rich text:
Bold, Italic, Underline
Font colour.

User access control
System & user level authority:
Read only, Write & Admin.
Use password control to give users varying levels of access.

Tool nose radius compensation for chamfers.

TNR Comp

Quick speeds & feeds Calculator.

Transfer Data from JAW-CAT.
Trial version included.
(Registered JAW-CAT users only).

cnc setup sheet

Printed setup sheet.


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